At ETH, there are two ways to apply for a doctoral position: direct applications and applications for a graduate school.

Graduate school

17 doctoral programs covering various fields in the life sciences are coordinated under the umbrella of "Life Sciences Zurich Graduate School" together with the University of Zurich. Every year there are two application deadlines: July 1st and December 1st. Applicants who meet the required qualifications will be invited for interviews. Detailed information on each program can be found here: external

Direct applications

In addition to doctoral programs, there is another way to apply for a doctoral position at ETH: Persons interested in a particular area, can also apply directly to the heads of research groups. Often such positions are advertised on their websites, however even if no advertisement is posted, direct contact can be worthwhile. This page provides information about the different research areas which are covered by D-BIOL researchers. Here you will also find the contact information of the individual professors.

All further information on requirements, admission, and registration procedures are available here:

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